Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Getaway ft. Worst Experience

We went to Greenhills last 20th of December to shop gifts and stuff. My god. As i said on my previous posts. Marami pa rin nag ra-rush to buy different things. Super dami ng people. Goodnesz. You cant even breathe. Im not bein OA but its really true. Even the outside "tiangge".. Shocks, its really click especially this holiday season.

You will usually hear "ate/kuya wala ng bang tawad" haha :D
Well, we all know that we filipino's really insist for a cheaper price. We haggle and insist for the last price.

Honestly, im kinda guilty with that thingy. The Haggling part. I try my best to make the prie lower than offered. Especially if im going to boutiques and midnight shopping in libis, haha. :)

Anyway, good experience about yesterday is the C.O.D Version of Greenhills. The story is all about "PAGKAKAiSA" and "CLEAN AND GREEN LIVING". The characters demonstrate a "PAGKAKAiSA" or cooperation by encouraging each one and another to clean their area. And the pasimuno.. The kids Theyre the one who start the clean living project of their barangay. The eldest saw it so they follow it as well. And at the end, naging clean and green ang kanilang Barangay. Mother Nature rewards them with a fresh air and tiny butterflies around the green areas.

Nag enjoy naman ako. Though on my age, "22" :D ndi na advisable to watch those kinds of play. Cos only kids can appreciate them.. Its really kiddie hehe..

Worst part of my Greenhills get away is all about the "EATING TIME". My friends and i decided to go to "TERIYAKI BOY" in Greenhills pa rin. Why? Cos in TERIYAKI BOY in Tomas Morato, they provide great and affordable food. And highly recommended customer service. So we thought we will experience the same treatment.

But i realize that, not all branches provide the same service. Pagpasok plang ng resto, u can feel discrimination and favoritism. I notice that they prioritize foreigners instead of their fellow filipino's.

We request for the couch since walang gumagamit/nakaupo. But what they did? they insist and instruct us to sit sa typical and Normal table. Sa sobrang asar ko, i talked to the other waiter, lalaki this time and requested for another couch. Which he did naman..

He reserved a couch for us and transfer after cleaning the table. Weo rder the same food that we used to order. Food serving is still the same. Even the taste. Walang pinagbago. But what i notice is that the waitresses are so maarte and "FEELiNG" they act like something werein aybe bcos we are filipino's they thought we dont need the same service that they are giving to those foreigners. Bad thing pa is that when i call the waitress to order an additional rice for my "MAHMiNE" ..
My goodnesz, ang lola mo nka cmangot. I really hate her. Even the bill is so matagal. We asked for the bill 5 minutes ealier than those foreigner na katabi namin, and take note, NAUNA PA CiLA! They even get their change earlier than us. Oh dba?

Well my overall rating for "TERiYAKi BOY GREENHiLLS" WEN iT COMES TO CUSTOMER SATiSFACTiON iS 2! That's out of 10. 10 is the highest 1 is the lowest. And i guess "2" is not enough, if there's a DSAT.. baka un pa ang award na makuha nila from me!

Sorry but that's the worst experience ive ever had. Aside from us na notice ko, ung isang group of Filipinos din na kasabay namin i guess experience the same thing. They are mag anak and everytime they call the waitresses, dinadabugan sila! So.. Cguro BADTRiP lang yun dalawang waitress na nag aasist but its not supposed to be like that. They should not bring their problems or BADTRiP-NESZ sa work nila! It will affect other pipol na masasaya! :)

I dont have anything against the TERIYAKI BOY itself anyway. Its just that, Those waitresses that i encounter should recieve a CARE FORM haha!! Kaka asar tlaga. Anyway! Given na yun. Bka nga Bad day lang cla. Nandamay lang cla. :)


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