Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Second Week of December. As i said previously. 8days to go and its Christmas Time.

So, are you guys done with your christmas shopping? Its near, and almost here. Avoid Christmas Rush. Or else haha.. :D

Im sure our life goes on much like the Bethlehem days. Apparently, i notice that everything has change. Before, family members make sure that they are all complete on the NOCHE BUENA.

Now, i observed that most of the teens including 20-29 years old pals choose to celebrate xmas outside, with friends instead of family. In bars or Resto's instead sa Bahay lang. Hahaha!! Well its exciting nga naman. And i'll do the same thing if my significant half allow me to do so. :)

So, ayan. cguro nama nkabawi nko for my delayed posts. Haha! Sorry guys! Busy!

Dnt forget my gift ha?

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